Remote Surveys

Live, Collaborative & Simple

One place to run your industrial inspections remotely

  • Connect any video source: underwater ROVs, aerial drones, your phone, 360 cameras etc.
  • Integrate any other relevant data stream (sensors, live positions ++).
  • Invite participants to take part in the inspection on a dedicated project page and keep full access control.
Save time
Cut cost
Cut travel
Straightforward use with any source, access from any device
Web portal with the components you need:
Live video & data stream
Chat, Call & SMS alerts
Geo tracking
Shared whiteboard
Cloud storage
Secure & private
Questions? Need help to get started?
We can provide customized and ready to use encoders for your setup to receive any input video stream. We can also supply 4G modem, antennas and unlimited data SIM plans.
We can also integrate customer specific requests and requirements such as:
  • live data stream from sensors,
  • augmented reality overlay on video streams,
  • remote control of ROVs and other devices over internet.
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